A Hasty review: Tokyo Japanese Steak House (Federal Way)

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value : 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

I enjoy a good teppanyaki meal on occasion. I’ve been to quite a few (both locally and internationally). This one was particularly good for several reasons:

1. The chef had some innovative ‘tricks’, from using his finger to ignite the traditional onion volcano to good showmanship with egg juggling to gag sauce bottles.

2. The front desk was actually organized. Our reservation was for 8 and all parties at our table were sat, served with water and drinks taken by 8:15. Normally 15 minutes to accomplish that is not a feat, but if you’re a veteran of this dining style, you’ll be sure to appreciate its timeliness.

3. Their portion sizes were substantial but the quality was not compromised for quantity.

4. The chef actually got all the temperatures right – whether it was medium rare or well done.

5. The boisterous live drumming for those celebrating a special occasion was fun and entertaining.

6. Service was prompt for drinks – she also suggestive sold items to enhance your meal without being aggressive. Follow up service was in place so we did not have to work for additional rounds.

The only thing that marred the experience was the chef engaged only one couple out of 5 – we found out afterwards that he knew them personally. Who knows if he would merely not have engaged anyone, or been more attentive to everyone if that had not been the case?

Food was overall seasoned well and above average for a Japanese steak house. (The exception was the scallops that were sub-par flavor – partially because his lighter stopped working so he wasn’t able to get the proper temperature/sear and the seasoning was missed.)

I would recommend this location and all of us would return.